Our company is in the business of providing home care services to people in their homes; short and long term health care to several facilities. Our Care emphasizes objectives, professional care, such as the medical and psychological aspect of nursing. Our Caring for clients, on the other hand, is our humanistic way of interacting with our clients that demonstrate sincere care and concern for our clients because they are human beings. CCN focus in partnering with clients/families to enhance the care in a cost effective manner based on their specific needs. We encourage you to navigate the website for detailed information. Our offers are not limited to the following:


  • We offer several levels of care to meet all of your home care needs


  • We offer flexibility in hours to meet your individual needs


  • We offer free in-home assessment to properly evaluate your needs at the initiation of service


  • We offe free supervisory visits to maintain quality of care


  • We offers only qualified caregivers who are put through a multi-level screening process before they are hired


  • We offer an on-call person who is available 24hr/day /seven days a week to assist with your needs.


  • Our contact number:


Phone: (513) 330-6853; Fax: (514) 805-7488; Email: careandcaringnursing7@yahoo.com


We would be delighted to have you as part of our family.